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New Year’s Resolution Story

12/30/22 10:06 AM Comment(s) By Gordon Goosen

It was the first day of the new year, and Jane was feeling determined and motivated. She had always struggled with managing her finances, but this year, she was determined to turn things around. One of her biggest financial commitments was her mortgage, and she knew that if she could get a handle on that, it would make a huge difference in her overall financial well-being.

So, as she sat down to reflect on her New Year's resolutions, Jane decided that her top priority would be to focus on paying off her mortgage as quickly as possible. She knew that this would require some serious discipline and sacrifice, but she was willing to do whatever it took to reach her goal.

First, Jane sat down with her budget and looked for ways to cut costs. She decided to cancel her subscription to a streaming service that she rarely used, and she also cut back on her eating out expenses. These small changes added up quickly, and Jane was able to put more money towards her mortgage each month.

Next, Jane looked for ways to increase her income. She had always been a hard worker, but she knew that she could do more to bring in extra cash. She started taking on freelance projects on the side and even picked up a part-time job on the weekends. All of these extra efforts helped Jane to pay off her mortgage even faster.

As the year went on, Jane remained focused and dedicated to her goal. She made sure to stay on top of her budget and to put every extra dollar towards her mortgage. And before she knew it, she had made significant progress. Her mortgage balance was getting lower and lower, and she was well on her way to becoming debt-free.

On the last day of the year, Jane sat down to reflect on all of her hard work. She was proud of herself for sticking to her resolutions and for making such significant progress on her mortgage. And as she looked ahead to the new year, she knew that she was well on her way to achieving financial freedom.

Gordon Goosen

Gordon Goosen is a Mortgage Loan Originator for Pilot Mortgage and has owned mortgage banking and mortgage brokering firms.  He holds a two bachelor’s degrees, one in Economics with an emphasis in Business and the other in Agriculture with an emphasis in Business from South Dakota State University.  Gordon is also a Veteran, Major (R) in the US Army, served for over 21 years.

Gordon Goosen

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