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Gordon Goosen

Gordon Goosen

Founder/Mortgage Loan Officer

Gordon Goosen has been originating mortgages for 20+ years, since 1993. Assisting home owners achieve their financial goals through mortgage planning. Schedule time today to meet so we can give you a custom quote, establish expectations, explain programs and why borrowers should obtain their mortgage with Pilot Mortgage, LLC. There is a difference.

I have earned the National Association of Mortgage Brokers’ Lending Integrity Seal of Approval.”

A mortgage professional can only make the Lending Integrity pledge and display the Seal if he or she meets the following criteria:

Possess current state-issued mortgage broker license or has three letters of reference, including one from a NAMB mortgage broker (if a loan officer).

Pass a federal criminal background check.
Complete eight hours of continuing education each year, including three hours of ethics training or meet the state continuing education and ethics training requirements if higher. (Equivalent hours over multiple years are accepted depending on individual state multi-year licensing cycles.)

Pledge to adhere to the NAMB Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and Professional Standards and Best Lending Practices, and abide by the NAMB grievance review process.